History of Musical Instruments - Kathy Shares

In our research time on Friday mornings we have begun to study the history of musical instruments. In cooperative groups, students have been given the task of finding out about their assigned instrument, and more specifically, how it evolved into the instrument it is today. To help us with this task, Kathy Schenley, our talented resource teacher, visited River Class and shared her family of recorders and viola da gamba. 

River students learned all sorts of interesting facts about whistles and how they evolved into instruments that were able to produce more precise notes, like recorders. Kathy shared the more familiar recorders like the soprano and alto and the less familiar ones like the bass and the Garklein, which is the smallest recorder. 

Kathy also shared her viola da gamba (pictured below), explaining that instruments like these often came in families. We learned that the thicker strings make lower sounds and unlike a modern cello it has frets and 6 strings. The instrument is held between the legs (gamba means leg), unlike its modern counterpart, which has a pin to hold it up. 

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