What a terrific Riverfest and Skyfest (formerly known as Overday) we had! (River and Sky usually schedule this event at the same time, so the children have an opportunity to have extended play time together.) We began straight after lunch when the children decided if they wanted to watch Wall-E in River or Sky. It was cool to have a choice! A few children from each class decided to switcheroo. The children enjoyed some yummy popcorn while they relaxed with their blankets or sleeping bags, pillows, and stuffed animals. After the fun movie, we enjoyed a snack of chips, salsa, and fruit al fresco, followed by some play time and talent show practice.

Dinner was served around 4:30. We enjoyed our usual Top Chi pizza al fresco again! After that, it was time to get ready for the talent show. Performances included a basketball demonstration, dancing, rollerblading, jokes, and animal tricks (with stuffed animals!).

Following a terrific talent show, we enjoyed a special Meeting for Worship in the classroom reflecting on our school year. We then headed down to the campfire at the Stone Circle for the last part of our Riverfest time where we enjoyed s'mores and some more play time. It was a great Riverfest!!!

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