Welcome Letter 18-19

Welcome to River Class 2018-19

Greetings, River Class Parents!

The first day of school has arrived. We are excited about working with your children and are looking forward to a productive and joyful year. The transition to a new school year brings with it a range of feelings and emotions. Learning new classroom rules, routines, and procedures can bring up questions and feelings of anxiousness for some children. Initially, sharing concerns and questions with new teachers is not always easy. We appreciate your help in asking your child about her or his experiences in the first days of school. We encourage you to share your child’s questions and/or concerns with us by writing a note or talking in person with one of us. It is likely that others share your child’s confusion or worry in the class. We are poised to address concerns and answer questions with the whole class to facilitate a smooth and happy transition.

Please read the following important items carefully:

PARENTS IN THE RIVER CLASS: We love for parents to occasionally settle in with us in the morning. Unfortunately, our space in the circle will not accommodate all parents at the same time. We ask all parents to leave as quietly as possible after the silence has been broken. We also believe that the short time we have each morning before we settle in is important for the children. They connect with friends and work out some of the initial excitement they may feel about being in school. Therefore, if you are not planning to settle in, we encourage parents to make morning farewells promptly and allow their children to begin their school day. We ask that you check with us in advance if you wish to visit for an extended time, so we can plan together a convenient time and activity. We appreciate your cooperation as we all support your child’s growth to independence.

BEING ON TIME: We ask that you please bring your child to school on time. It is important that your child has the opportunity to connect with friends before we settle in. We settle in at 8:35, so arriving a few minutes before this time would be helpful for your child. (Please note that on Mondays we typically settle in as a whole Lower School at 8:45 in the multi.)

LABELING: For River children LABELS ARE ESSENTIAL! In particular, removable clothes (sweaters and coats) and lunch boxes should be labeled.

TOYS: Toys are fun, but in a school setting they can be distracting. Due to problems we have experienced in the past with children’s toys, we ask that NO TOYS be brought to school. Sharing day is no exception. Your child may bring one small, stuffed animal to school.

SHARING: We give each child the opportunity to share every other week and encourage each child to share. Please note that there will be no sharing on Mondays. Unless a child has special permission from a teacher, a sharing should be:
1)   Something the child has made
2)    A book the child has read or made
3)   An item from nature
4)   A “telling” about a current event in the child’s life
5)   Playing an instrument or singing a song
Please avoid large, complicated or fragile sharing items as well as items of such significant value that the damage or loss of them would cause distress.

LICE: We no longer check for lice at school. Please be sure to check your child’s head routinely at home. Children found with lice and/or nits will be sent home immediately to avoid the possibility of spreading them. As soon as your child has been treated they may return to school.

FOOD: We respect that each family makes its own choices for snack and lunch. We do encourage you to plan nutritious snacks and lunches, limiting treats that are high in sugar and saturated/trans fats.

BACKPACK/BOOK BAG: Your child should have a simple backpack or book bag to use for carrying items such as library books, artwork, notes, etc. between school and home. Bulky or large packs and bags do not fit well in the cubbies and are a hazard on the floors as we move around our shared space.

TREATS: To minimize the amount of sugar in the classroom we celebrate birthdays three times a year. We will notify you as to when your child’s celebration will be and will ask you to donate a food item for that celebration. When your child is Big Fish (person of the week) please reserve special treats for the Big Fish only, not the entire class.

TIME TO TALK: Please do not hesitate to contact Charlie, Dee or Ruth when you have a question or concern. We feel that it is important to keep the lines of communication open between home and school. The best times to reach us are between 10:15-10:30 and 12:00-1:00. In an emergency, please contact either the main office (919 383 6602 ext 0) or the Lower School (919 383 6602 ext 234).

LAST MINUTE CHANGES: If there are any changes such as pick-up times or sending your child to AfterHours, etc., please e-mail all three River Class teachers and notify Cyrise (AfterHours 919 383 6602 ext 246) and/or Emi in the Lower School office (919 383 6602 ext 234).
Please note that although we try our very best to check e-mails throughout the day, the end of the day can be very busy and changes close to 3 pm are sometimes not read. Our e-mail addresses are as follows: dmayfield@cfsnc.org     clayman@cfsnc.org      rgaskin@cfsnc.org

SHOES/CLOTHES: Children are required to wear shoes when they are outside, and part of almost every day is spent outside. While we honor and celebrate each child’s individuality we do ask that your child wear some type of athletic shoes to school. If your child prefers to wear slip-on shoes s/he must have some athletic shoes that are left in their cubby at school. Your child may bring a pair of rubber boots (labeled) for playing in the creek and water shoes for warm weather. It is also helpful if your child wears clothing that will be conducive to active and creative play. Please send a change of clothes in a large, labeled, re-sealable zipper storage bag to keep in your child’s cubby just in case.

Thank you for taking the time to read this carefully. It would be helpful if you could post this letter in an accessible place for future reference. Please send in any questions or concerns you may have or ones your child may feel reluctant to share on her/his own.

Dee, Ruth, and Charlie
(River Teachers)

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